Regional location】Shucheng County is located in the middle of Anhui Province, northeastern slope of Dabie Mountain, nestling between Yangtze River and Huai River. It is located between 116°26'–117°15E' and 31°01'–31°34'N. It is east to Lujiang, west to Yuexi and Huoshan, south to Tongcheng and Qianshan, and north to Jin’an and Feixi. Shucheng County is a neighborhood of Hefei, a deep backland of Yangtze River Delta, an important component of Hefei Economic Circle, and an interconnection belt of provincial capitals’ southwestern extension. It is always a vital place for five provinces, a crucial plat area of seven provinces, a ...【more】   

Shucheng has a long history, outstanding. In the Western Zhou Dynasty is Shu, Shu Bao, Shu Long's division, said the history of Qunshu country. Han Emperor four years (203 years ago) - Shu County, the county changed...【more】

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